Khorasan Powder Metallurgy Company was established in 1994 and since then the company produces various metallurgical products. The most important activities which has done over the last few years are as follows:

– Design and construction of vertical gas atomizing laboratory (1373)

– Design and construction of a horizontal gas atomizing line to produce copper, cobalt and copper powders (1995).

The goals of Khorasan Powder Metallurgy Company include:

– Increasing the level of management quality

– Human recourse devlopment

– Increase the quality and quantity and the varieties of production

– Conduct research projects

The list of standards which used to test products is as follows:

1. Measuring the apparent density according to Astm B329-98

2. Particle size Testing according to Laser Particle Size Analyzer

3- Specific level determination test through BET method

4. Determining the amount of lubricant test Astro D480-88