Khorasan powder metallurgy company was established in 1994/95 and since then it has extensive activities in the field of metallurgical production, which has done important work over the last few years is as follows:

Design and Manufacturing vertical gas atomizing laboratory (1994)

Design and construction of horizontal gas atomizing line to produce copper ,Tin, lead, zinc powders,(1995)

Khorasan powder metallurgy company goals include the following:

-Increase the level of management quality

-Human Resource Development

-Increase the quality and quantity and diversity of production

-Research projects

Test methods A list of standards used to test products as follows:
1. Measure the apparent density According to the standard Astm B329-98
2. Test to determine the size by the Laser Particle Size Analyser
3. Test to determine the specific surface area by BET
4. Test to determine the lubricant According to the Astm D480-88

Product Powder Metallurgy

Magnesium powder

Application: Magnesium powder was used as a Grignard reagent…

Bronze powder

The company’s ability to produce bronze powder blue gradation method…

Tin powder

Tin Grading: Includes 45 microns, 63 microns, 100 microns, 150 microns …